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Every time you spend your money on an item or service you are bringing on an impact that goes beyond you.

It means that if you are purchasing items that promote non-ethical sources, then you are funding those bad sources.

This goes for our beloved coffee drinks too. Your money doesn't just go to the coffee shop or store you just bought it from. There is a system and the money trickles down all the way to the coffee farms where the coffee is harvested.

Coffee that is extremely cheap is available in all types of places. It is so easy to come by because of the price. It does nothing to help the farmers sustain good quality coffee beans.

When you spend so little of your coffee, the farmers are getting even less. This will trickle down to a lack of money and education for coffee communities all over the world.

It doesn't matter if the farmer has the best tasting coffee around or if it is the worst coffee ever, the farmer only gets a tiny bit of money for all of their hard work.

Cheap coffee causes poverty in coffee communities all over the world.

Coffee is not a very lucrative crop to harvest. This is why when you buy the really cheap coffee you are promoting the low wages of the farmers and employees. It is hard for smaller coffee farmers to even have a quality of life.

It is rare for a coffee farmer to make a great deal of money on the harvest. There is no increase in monetary gains for the common coffee farmer.

Did you know that it is so bad that in Costa Rica the coffee farmers are selling their land o commercial buyers? They no longer want to waste their time and energy to make no money.

Instead, coffee farmers are going to work in the cities to make more money to support their families. It doesn't stop there. In Bolivia, the coffee farmers are getting rid of the coffee plants to start harvesting coca.

It is extremely sad that the farmers can no longer make it by harvesting legal products, now they have to harvest the main product for cocaine. If the coffee crops had more money coming in, the farmers wouldn't have to go this far. They may not see all of the profits that cocaine makes it total, but they see way more profits than with coffee beans.

The environment isn't easy on coffee farms.

The weather is changing more and more. There are sketchy rain patterns, more freezes popping up, and strong wind that could damage any plant. Coffee farmers are already doing without.

How can they possibly afford to put up shade trees or other climate assistant products? They are too worried about investing all of their savings on the farm when no one can know how much the crop will bring in this year. It is very stressful for the farmers and their families.

If the climate issues cause them to lose their crop, they will have serious repercussions in the short term, but if they spend all of their money on safety precautions, their families could end up with no food or shelter.

The Specialty Coffee Association of America is working with everyone in the coffee community to come together to change the world.

They know that coffee prices must go up in order to give the farmers the added funds they need to continuously grow great tasting coffee beans. It is important that consumers, farmers, roasters, and sellers all work together in this effort.

Buying cheap coffee is a lost opportunity to fight poverty in these communities.

The only way to fight poverty and lack of education in the coffee communities all over the world is to pay more for your coffee.

Start purchasing specialty coffee that is of great quality and taste. Once you have a cup, you will not want to drink another cheap cup of coffee again. There is a common taste for cheap coffee and that is dull and bitter.

When you drink a cup of specialty coffee, you will be able to taste whether it is fruity, chocolatey, floral, nutty, or sweet. It can still have complex flavors that all work together in a well-balanced masterpiece.

If you want to be a part of the change or improvement of coffee farmers all over the world, then start purchasing your coffee from companies that use ethical sources.

If you look at the packaging of your coffee, you should try to find the origin of the beans, the roast date, and look for specific flavorings.

If the package has general or vague flavor descriptions, the chances are the coffee is not that great to taste. If the package has a "use by" date, it is already stale.

Don't waste your money on cheap bitter coffee anymore.

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