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Do you enjoy eating and drinking foods with lab-created flavoring chemicals?

There are tons of these flavors that are in almost all of the foods that are processed.

You will find chemically flavored foods and drinks in restaurants, freezer foods, juices, and even your beloved coffee drinks. Have you noticed that everything we absolutely love is organic?

Organic foods are naturally tasty and a lot healthier than natural or artificial products. That is why we do not mind paying an arm and a leg at high-end restaurants for a single plate of food. They do not need all of the artificial flavors because of the great flavors that are brought out of the organic foods.

Why did coffee flavorings become popular?

In the 1960s, money was extremely hard to come by. There was no way for coffee companies to afford the best quality of beans.

They were forced to buy low- quality beans for a much cheaper price. That is when the coffee companies started to spray the coffee beans with flavor oils after the roasting process. The flavor oils would gently mask the seriously bitter taste of the low-quality coffee.

It was common for the coffees to taste like cocoa, raspberries, and even cinnamon. It became increasingly popular due to the affordable prices for the coffee beans.

Here are a few reasons why you should stop wasting your hard-earned money on artificially flavored coffees.

Do you enjoy low-grade coffee?

If you have a high-quality product, you wouldn't want to mix it with anything else. The flavor and freshness will speak volumes for itself.

You wouldn't chop up a high-quality steak to go into your leftover casserole dish. If the farmers have high-quality beans harvested, they will sell it for a high price.

If you are buying a six to eight dollar bag of french vanilla coffee, the chances are that you just purchased low-grade coffee beans. It will have a bitter taste to it and will need additives to make it bearable to drink.

Cheap coffee is not good for anyone.

There are coffee communities all over the world struggling to make ends meet and losing the battle each year.

Poverty issues arise in these communities when coffee prices are ridiculously low. Children can not get proper education, food, or other necessities from the lack of money being brought into the communities.

The Specialty Coffee Association of America stated that 63% of the coffee farming families in Central America suffer from malnourishment at some point during the year.

Do you know how much money the farmers are getting out of the bag of coffee you buy? Each farm has a different deal. It is common for consumers to pay about eight dollars per bag, the farm will only get to see about one dollar from the bag. It doesn't seem worth it to be in the coffee business, does it?

How can farmers pay for decent healthcare? How can they make the climate changes needed on the farm to sustain quality crops? How can they pay for their children's education?

There are many tastier options that benefit the consumer as well as the farmer, roaster, and seller. If you can afford to spend more money on great coffee, then you should do so to help fight poverty in the coffee communities all over the world.

Specialty coffee has a much better taste.

Do you enjoy drinking a flavor-filled cup of coffee? You do not have to drink those bitter flavored coffee drinks any longer. There are tons of specialty coffees that come in a variety of flavors. They will cost you a lot more money, but the farmers will get more money.

They will be able to have a higher quality of life. Did you know there are light-bodied, medium-bodied, and heavy-bodied coffees that will tickle any fancy?

There are fruity flavors, such as strawberry, orange, and apple that are light and have high acidity. They are floral notes like jasmine, chocolatey flavors, and nutty flavors to enjoy.

You can even enjoy sweeter coffees by checking into the different processing methods. You can expect to pay anywhere from 15 to 25 dollars per bag of coffee.

That sure doesn't seem like a lot when you think about the benefits to everyone. Get ready to change the way you think and experience coffee.

Grinding your coffee right before brewing will awaken your senses like no other experience.

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