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When coffee originated and for many decades after that, coffee was thought of to be a manly drink.

It was supposed to made and enjoyed as dark as you could get it. Coffee back then was thought of to be very manly.

That is not the case anymore. Specialty coffee has changed the world's outlook on the coffee experience.

You will enhance your coffee experience from the grinding to the drinking. The aromas will wake up your senses with smells that warm you from the inside out.

Here are a few of the reasons why you should stop purchasing french roast coffee.

French roast coffee beans will go stale much quicker.

The roasting process is what cuts the life expectancy down so much. Once the beans are roasted, oxidation will begin to slowly decrease the freshness.

The unroasted coffee beans will last for a whole 12 months. Once the beans are roasted to perfection, they will only have a peak freshness of about two weeks.

If you do not purchase the most recent bag of coffee beans, then you will probably be drinking stale coffee before your bag is completely gone. When it comes to pre-ground coffee, the peak freshness is only up to about thirty minutes from the time of opening.

That means that you will only be able to enjoy one pot of fresh-tasting coffee before the dull flavor that was there disappears.

The roasting process releases tons of chemicals that create rich flavors inside the coffee beans.

The acids start to fade, the oils that create the aromas begin to seep out of the beans, and the sugars start to turn to a bitter taste. The oils coming to the outer layers of the beans is what makes them look oily.

Once the oils are on the exterior of the coffee beans, oxidation begins to occur. Oxygen will slowly decrease the flavors and freshness of your coffee beans. This is why it is extremely important to buy the most recent roasted coffee beans if you want to enjoy a great coffee experience on every occasion with your bag.

If you buy a lighter brew of coffee, you will have much better flavors even if the coffee is stale.

French roast beans fuel poverty in coffee communities.

French roast coffees are usually made with low-grade coffee beans that specialty coffee companies do not purchase.

They are sold to companies that manufacture bad coffee at very cheap prices. The cheaper the prices for consumers means that the farmers make a tiny amount.

If you pay around six to eight dollars for a bag of coffee, then the coffee farm where it originated will only get to keep about one dollar of the total amount.

These coffee communities are suffering from poverty and all of the issues that come along with it. Here are just a few.

  • Lack of education
  • Lack of food supplies
  • Lack of decent healthcare
  • Lack of money to make the farms adaptable to climate change

French roast kills the natural coffee flavors.

It wouldn't matter if the roaster purchased the best coffee beans in the world.

When you french roast coffee beans it takes away all of the natural flavors due to the roast being so dark.

If you ever notice the coffee tastes similar to ash. That is because the roasting process literally roasts all of the flavors out of the coffee leaving a resemblance of carbon and ash. It does not matter what region the coffee beans come from.

If they are french roasted, then they will taste of carbon and ash.

If you wanted to enhance your coffee experience, you could try a lighter roast if a specialty coffee.

You could end up with rich complex flavors like strawberry, orange, jasmine, rose, sweet like cane sugar, and much more. The flavors are incredible and the higher prices will lead to more ethical sourcing.

Help fight against the poverty issues that every coffee community has or will face at some point.

Spend more money on better-sourced coffee to bring more money to the coffee farmers that work so hard for our beloved drink.

The vibrant and richness that comes with lighter roasted coffees is way more refreshing and revitalizing. Find a good quality roaster, farmer's market, or coffee shop to purchase your specialty coffee from to get great quality and freshness.

You never know, you may prefer a lighter roasted coffee in the long run.

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