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Did you know that you can make great-tasting tea out of a coffee plant? Cascara Tea is made out of a different part of the plant. That is why it doesn't taste like coffee.

This article will tell you how to enjoy a nice cup of Cascara Tea, and what is it all about.

What is Cascara Tea?

Cascara is a fruit tisane or herbal tea. It is an infusion made from the coffee cherries. The word Cascara comes from the Spanish, it means husks like the ones on the coffee cherries.

If you are wondering where the cherries are found, coffee beans are inside the cherries. When the coffee beans are removed from the cherries, most of the time they are used for fertilization by the farmer.

Some farmers like to store some of the cherries to brew some great-tasting Cascara Tea.

Where did Cascara Tea originate from?

  • Bolivia - In Bolivia, they like to call this amazing tea Sultana. They will brew it with cinnamon sticks to make what is known as "poor man's coffee".
  • Ethiopia and Yemen - They like to call this drink Qishir. It is known to be cheaper than coffee, so it is a big hit with poor people. It is often brewed with cinnamon sticks and ginger root.

What happens to the cherries?

Once the cherries are collected from the farm, the farmer will carefully bring them back to start the cleaning process.

The husks must be raked to prevent any mold or bacteria growth to begin. The cherries are carefully monitored to make sure that they retain their moisture and vitality.

This process is extremely time-consuming and rigorous. That is why there aren't a lot of farmers who export the product to the US. If the long process wasn't completed, there is no way it would make it for exportation.

How does Cascara Tea taste?

There are many flavors that can be tasted with Cascara. It has a sweet and tangy taste to it, that is light and easy to drink.

There have been different flavors like honey and cherry or spicy earthy flavors like green peppers. It is made in many countries and has different flavor results. You can mix it in drinks, drink it hot, or drink it on ice.

Some may not want to try it because it is made for impoverished people, but it is packed full of flavor. It is just as fun to try different batches of Cascara as it is to enjoy different batches of coffee.

How do brew Cascara Tea?

The brewing process is quick and simple to complete. It is almost fool-proof. Brewing time will depend on the size of the cherry husks. Sometimes they are chopped up into smaller pieces.

Those husks will only take around 2 to 3 minutes to brew. If you are using bigger pieces of cherry husks, then you will need to brew for about 4 to 6 minutes to extract all of the greatness.

The directions will tell you to use boiling water. It will taste just as great if not better if you brew it with water at 190°. If you are using a kettle or pot, the water usually is 190° when it begins to make sounds.

There are three steps to this process.

  1. Steep the cherry husks in hot water for a few minutes.
  2. Drain the water from the cherry husks.
  3. Enjoy your great-tasting tea.

Here is a recipe for hot cascara tea

Would you like to try a nice rich hot cup of cascara tea? Sit back and relax with your hot great-tasting tea. We have the perfect recipe for you.

  • 5g of Cascara - large or small
  • 250g of 190° water
  • 1 mug
  • 1 strainer

Bring your water up to the correct temperature. Pour the hot water over your cherry husks. If you are using smaller pieces, it will only take around 3 minutes to completely brew. If you are using larger pieces of husks, then you will have to brew for 6 minutes or so. This will bring you maximized flavors.

Here is a recipe for iced cascara tea

If you are looking for a cold drink that is sweet and tangy, this may be the perfect drink for you. It is simple and quick to make, and well worth the rewards when tasting.

  • 10g of cascara cherry husks - you can use large or small
  • 250g of hot water - brew it to 190° or higher
  • 250g of ice
  • 1 teapot or kettle
  • 1 glass

The key to having maximized taste results is to double up on your cherry husks when brewing. You will be pouring over the ice, and you do not want to dilute any flavors.

Cascara Tea is a great drink any way you would like to make it. It is just like coffee when it comes to taste results and brewing times.

If you do not brew the husks long enough, the drink will not have extracted all of the flavors. It will taste dull and flavorless. You do not want to over brew it either. You must be careful when brewing.

If you find that it tastes bitter and not sweet, then you have over brewed it. Next time, just do not brew it as long.

Decrease the brew time by 1 to 2 minutes. If you are new to this drink, it will be better to make small batches until you perfect your recipe.

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