Learn to Read Coffee Packaging Like a Professional

Learn to Read Coffee Packaging Like a Professional

Coffee packages can be confusing to read and understand. They can all have different wording and is extremely confusing or misleading.

Once you master how to read the different coffee packages, finding the best coffee for you will be much easier to accomplish. You will be able to see through the tricks and misleading words.

You will not be fooled with stale coffee any longer. Don't waste your time on bitter-tasting sludge anymore. Enhance your coffee experience by purchasing high-quality whole bean coffee.

How to determine lies about coffee freshness

Grocery stores and other retailers will often portray a view of coffee being everlasting with freshness. Do not fall for that.

Coffee is an organic material and it will decay over time just like every other organic item. Coffee is at its peak of freshness within the first two weeks of roasting. Once the coffee is made into grounds, the freshness will decrease instantly.

This is why it is important to grind your coffee right before brewing if you want to have the freshest coffee possible.

When coffee is fresh it has a sweet and well-balanced pack of flavors that you can enjoy in every sip. That freshness however is only limited.

Oxidation begins as soon as the beans are roasted. When you grind the beans oxidation begins immediately making your coffee the freshest it will be in those few minutes before brewing.

When you are looking on the packaging of your coffee, try to find the "best by" or "use by" dates. If they are months or more than two weeks away, then the roaster is trying to mislead you on the freshness of the coffee.

The coffee is probably stale already and will not live up to the writing on the bag. If the coffee packaging has a "roasted on" date, this means that the roaster cares about freshness.

This date will let you know when the coffee was roasted to maximize your freshness and flavors.

Understanding the flavor wording on the packaging

What flavor do you prefer your coffee to be? Do you prefer to have flora, fruity, chocolatey, or nutty flavors? Do you like it to be light and crisp with acidity, do you like a calmer more mellow well-balanced, or maybe you enjoy a rich and bold coffee?

When you are looking at the packaging you will notice that many of the packages are labeled with vague flavors that all look the same. These labels are there to mislead you with stale bad coffee.

They may have a hint of those flavors because those companies are known for spraying the grounds or beans with flavored oils. The oils aren't harmful, but it is nothing like the real rich flavors that come from grinding fresh whole coffee beans.

If you find packaging that has very specific flavors on it, that is going to be your best way to find your favorite flavors. Coffee comes in many flavors and they are very specific.

If the roaster has a great quality product, they will be able to put the actual flavor of the coffee on the package. Those are the roasters that can be trusted because they are not scared to be called out for falsifying the flavors on the package.

The origin of coffee is dark and twisted

The coffee community has been battling slavery, poverty, and lack of education since the beginning of time. There is a generational system that uses child labor to cut costs.

This leads to uneducated children that grow and have children just for them to follow in the same footsteps.

Their kids have to go into the child labor workforce and will not be educated just like their parents and their parents before them. It is a horrible cycle that will only change by making prices higher and paying the members of the coffee community with higher wages.

These poor people do not even make a decent living wage, they are paid under the wage limit.

You can aid them by not purchasing cheap coffee. The cheap coffee comes from farms that do not pay their employees well.

If you want to help the coffee communities all over the world then you should purchase those high dollar coffee bags that are like 20 dollars or more a bag.

Now that you know how to read the packaging better, you will be able to find high-quality coffee that will taste better than your local coffee shop.

You will not be tricked by false quality assurance and bitter-tasting stale pre-ground options. Enhance your whole coffee experience when you upgrade the coffee that you are drinking.

You will be able to experience the many different flavors that come with fresh whole coffee beans. You will never go back to the bitter-tasting sludge you were drinking before reading this.

Remember, it pays to pay a little more for your coffee.

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