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Coffee is one of the best gifts that you can either give or receive.

That said, one of the most underused approaches to gifting coffee is coffee gift baskets. They make great gifts that you put a lot of time and thought into.

This can turn a regular gift into one that will be very much appreciated; simply for the thought and personalization alone.

For more information on how to build the perfect gift basket and accessories, read on below. Find several items that complement each other, while staying true to the theme of the gift basket (coffee) while also compliment it without being simply coffee.

I will show you just how you can do this, as well as give multiple options that you can choose from to make your gift truly unique and show a lot of thought for the receiver.

1. Coffee Brewer

Regardless of the recipient or the occasion, coffee brewers will always make a great gift; and without costing an arm and a leg. However, because you are filling the basket with several gifts, you will probably want to keep this on the lower to mid-end on the pricing spectrum.

Here are some examples of great brewers that make great gifts, while being easy on the wallet. They are great for either newcomer to the world of coffee or those who are well versed and have a more refined coffee palette.

French Press
Tradition yet timeless, this coffee brewer is simplistic in design and offers a great tasting coffee.

It doesn't get any more romanticized than this, making it a great brewer to give to design-savvy individuals.

To brew, you simply combine the coffee and water, wait for around 4 minutes, depress the mechanism, and pour out the coffee. The coffee that is produced will be full of flavor and body, largely in part to the stainless steel filter that allows the natural coffee oils to seep through to the final product.

One of the best coffee brewing methods for travel, the Aeropress is small, lightweight, and incredibly durable.

There is more of a hands-on approach to coffee brewing for this method, and novice brewers may not appreciate it fully. For those who look at coffee from a craftsman perspective, this is a great gift.

To brew using the Aeropress, you will combine the coffee with water into the brewing cylinder, wait for a couple of minutes, and plunge the coffee into the below mug.

Some pressure and elbow grease may be needed to push the coffee through, but the results are worth it.

That said, the major drawback of this method of brewing is the size of a coffee cup; only 8 ounces.

This is very versatile, however, and can be used for a multitude of coffee creations.

Pour-Over Cone
Pour-over brewing is something that may scare a lot of coffee drinkers; you may be aware of this type of brewing but have been scared to try it in the past.

This brewer removes the financial investment away by providing them with the cone.

To brew coffee this way, you will cascade the water on top of the coffee grounds for 1-2 minutes slowly, in therapeutic circles.

The coffee will brew and drain through the cone into the mug placed below. The resulting coffee will be bold and full-bodied with a nice mouth taste.

Another brewer that is considered to be hands-on; although it does feel therapeutic and may give you a deeper appreciation for your daily coffee routine. These types of brewers are in the $20-$30 price range and make for great gifts.

2. Brewing Accessories or Tools

A good way to drive home the personalization factor is to add an accessory or tool into the gift basket.

For instance, a coffee grinder would be a great companion gift for the basket. Because coffee beans are freshest for 2-3 weeks, it's always a good idea to grind the beans only when you need them.

Using pre-ground coffee will already have a lot of flavors lost; pre-ground coffee is lacking the flavor of the beans and is already basically stale when you purchase it.

For someone who does not have a coffee grinder, you should make this a priority at the top of your list.

Regardless of if they do have a coffee grinder, a second travel size one will allow them to use it when they travel. They are fairly cheap accessories that will always be appreciated. However, if you don't think a coffee grinder is a right fit then there are other options available as well.

For instance, if you choose to gift a french press, something such as a bamboo paddle would be a great companion gift to go in the basket.

They are fairly cheap and allow you to mix in the coffee grounds with the water without contaminating it with a metal spoon.

For an Aeropress, reusable metal filters would be a great accessory. They are good for the environment, require little upkeep, and will last a very long time per filter; and they are more flavorful than the paper filters.

For a pour-over cone, I would suggest a glass coffee server that will allow for more than one cup of brewed coffee at a time.

Other items to look out for could include: a personalized mug, a thermometer, or a fancy coffee scoop.

3. Sideline Gifts

For this one, you will want to choose more of a companion gift; it shouldn't be coffee-related but should compliment it well. Something that you enjoy with your coffee (or know the receiver would) is a great idea to have in the gift basket also.

For instance:

Coffee makes a great gift for any basket (who doesn't love chocolate?) It is grown similarly to coffee beans and gives you the option to support smaller cocoa farms.

Originating from Italy, these double-baked cookies are long, thin, and sweet; they have plenty of flavors to choose from at this point too. Great plain, they shine when dipped in a mug of hot coffee. They last a long time and do not degrade on freshness for months.

Cake or Pastry Mix
If your coffee maker also loves to bake, purchasing a DIY mix for biscuits, scones, cake, or muffins is a great option that will be appreciated.

4. Last but not least...Coffee Beans!

No gift basket would be complete without some coffee beans.

However, there is a right and wrong way as relates to gifting coffee beans, and here is where a lot of people go wrong.

Coffee beans, unfortunately, have a very short time for freshness. Whole beans do not have that long of a freshness date (only a couple of weeks); after that, they will begin to lose their flavor.

A lot of coffee gift baskets will be compiled weeks in advance. That means that the bag of coffee beans is going to not be fresh when the recipient is using them.

Give your coffee lover the freshest beans you can; avoid placing them into the basket until right before you give it to them.

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