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The battle between the whole bean and pre-ground coffee has been going on for many many years.

If you were to ask any coffee professional or coffee lover, they will tell you that the whole bean is the only way to go. They are right. If you want to taste the rich flavors that are not in pre-ground coffee, then buy whole beans.

Once you have had an amazingly flavored cup of whole bean coffee, there will be no more room for arguments.

There are a few benefits of grinding your own coffee beans

  • Grinding your own coffee will give you a warm wake up with the great aromas you will get to experience every time you make coffee. Pre-ground coffee is instantly stale. There is no making it taste good.
  • You are not limited to one coffee brewer. When you are using a coffee grinder, you can use multiple types of brewers throughout the day or at the same time if you are entertaining.
  • Pre-ground coffee is a rip-off. Not only are you buying low-grade coffee, but you are also not helping to fight poverty in coffee communities all over the world.

We understand the convenience of buying pre-ground coffee that is much cheaper and faster to use. You are missing out on serious quality and flavors.

Whole bean coffee is incredibly fresh when it is purchased

If you are purchasing your coffee from the grocery store, then it is more likely that the coffee is already stale.

Coffee is at its peak within the first 2 weeks of roasting. The carbon dioxide, aromas, and flavors will seep out of the coffee within that time.

Oxygen will hit the preground coffee and start the oxidation process will begin. This means that the oxygen will begin to make your coffee go stale.

You will lose all of the great- tasting elements that we love so much. This is why it is so important to buy coffee that you can grind right before drinking.

A lot of coffee that you will find in a grocery store has been there for weeks or months. This means thy were roasted an even longer time before that.

You will benefit from reading the packaging to make sure you know when the coffee was roasted and more. Even buying whole coffee beans from a grocery store could leave you with stale coffee if it has sat there for too long.

If you are looking for great coffee try to purchase from local coffee shops, online, at farmer's markets, and from roasters themselves.

Whole beans give you the freedom to use any type of brewer

Pre-ground coffee can only be brewed in an auto-drip coffee brewer. It is not made to go into any other brewer.

If you like having more than one type of coffee drink, then you will want to grind your own coffee to be able to enjoy any type of coffee drink you like. You can change the grind setting which will change the size of the coffee grounds.

You can use a french press and an espresso machine back to back if you would like. The options are endless. Wake yourself up with the great aromas that will bring a smile to your face as you are grinding your coffee.

Here is a list of coffee brewers and the grind size that fits well with it.

  • Turkish Coffee and Espresso - Extra fine grounds
  • Moka Pot - Fine to extra fine grounds
  • Auto-Drip - Fine grounds - This is for pre-ground coffee
  • Pour-Over - Medium-Fine to coarse grounds
  • Aeropress - Medium to coarse grounds
  • French Press and Cold Brew - Coarse grounds

Pre-ground coffee can only be used in the auto-drip brewer. If you would like to enjoy multiple types of coffee, then you will need to purchase a burr grinder.

It will give you the freedom you deserve to explore the different types of amazing coffee drinks. Your coffee grinder is the most important tool when it comes to making great-tasting coffee.

Whole bean coffee will give you the option of controlling the flavor

Are you tired of having dull or bitter tasting coffee? That is exactly what pre-ground coffee will give you. It has no flavor left inside once it has been ground for so long.

If you are ready to change your whole coffee experience, then you need to purchase a burr grinder. You will be able to experience the aromas before you even brew it.

They will wake you up with a warm and welcoming feeling. You will be in control of the flavor of your coffee when you grind the whole beans right before you brew it.

Whole bean coffee will bring a whole new coffee experience

Are you ready to transform your mornings from dull are stressful to a warm and welcoming experience? Grinding whole beans into coffee grounds will give you a completely new and happy experience.

You will feel a warm and welcoming experience when you take charge of your coffee flavors. You will be able to experience the fruity, floral, nutty, and chocolatey flavors that come with fresh whole bean coffee.

It may cost more money to buy whole bean coffee, but it will benefit the coffee community and you as well. You will never be able to compare the flavor of whole bean coffee to pre-ground coffee.

You have the opportunity to brew coffee that is just as good as your local coffee shop. Your coffee may even taste better than the coffee shop's coffee due to you being able to drink it directly after grinding.

You will gain new confidence in being able to create a better coffee experience than you have in your favorite coffee shop. That will make you want to share the experience with your friends and family.

When you own a burr coffee grinder, you will be able to brew multiple coffee ground sizes to brew in any type of brewer.

Change the way you think about coffee by spending 20-30 dollars on a manual burr grinder. You can not go wrong.

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