Common Defects In Coffee Flavors

Common Defects In Coffee Flavors

Sometimes you may buy a bag of coffee from a store or retailer and once you take the bag home and brew your first cup, you notice the taste of the coffee doesn't taste exactly like you imagined.

Flavor defects can happen with coffee. Sometimes you may be expecting a strong flavor and get something weak.

You may be expecting a earthy flavor and end up getting something completely opposite. Flavor defects happen more often than what people realize.

A flavor defect can be either man-made or natural. When a flavor defect occurs by man-made reasons, it typically occurs due to the way the coffee was roasted. Sometimes the way the bean grows has an effect on the flavor and therefore causing defects.

Defects in taste occur more often in cheap coffee. The lower price typically indicates the lower the quality. Low quality coffee tends to lack a more flavorful taste. However, it is not solely low quality coffee brands that produce flavor defects. Some high end brands have flavor defects in their bags of coffee.

The worst part of coffee defects is the disappointment. Every coffee drinker knows what their coffee should taste like. There is a certain expectation a person has when they are sipping their very first sip of coffee.

When a coffee drinker first tastes a flawed flavor defect, they can become frustrated. There are ways to detect these defects.

Next time you happen to taste a defect you will be well equipped to contact the maker or supplier of the coffee and inform them of the flavor defect.

Over Fermented

The best coffee producers make mistakes sometimes. A lot of coffee defects start on the farm. Over fermenting the coffee bean can cause a defect in taste. Fermentation is a normal process for the bean.

But doing too much fermentation produces a taste that does not taste good. A mold taste can form and this of course is not a good flavor.

Potato Defect

Another coffee flavor defect is the potato defect. There's no exact cause to why some beans end up tasting like a potato.

But it is believed that an insect can cause the bean to produce a potato taste.


Processing management, plastic bag storage and certain industrial substances are known to give coffee a chemical or medicine-like flavor.

This of course does not taste good. No one enjoys coffee that replicates the taste of medicine.


Have you ever tried rubbery coffee?

Well, this is a common defect. Sometimes the beans will create a rubbery taste. This taste is awful. Robusta plants tend to produce coffee that has this defect.


Cappy flavored coffee happens when coffee is shipped alongside cheese.


Baggy tasting coffee is a defect that occurs when the bean sits for too long in storage.

A chemical reaction occurs and the bean ends up tasting like the bag its stored in. However, due to advancements in technology this coffee defect does not happen as frequently as it use to in the past.


If you're a home roaster, you're bound to make some roasting mistakes. Roasting mistakes can create certain unsavory tastes. Experienced roasters hardly mistakenly roast coffee incorrectly to cause any defects in taste.


But a roasting mistake can cause defects like an over baked flavor, underdeveloped flavor and an overdeveloped flavor.


Over baking or over roasting the coffee can be a flavor that eventually wears out and is no longer interesting. Underdeveloped coffee will have undesirable notes that are acidic.Flavors of grass and hay can be detected when the coffee is underdeveloped.


Overdeveloped coffee produces dark, burnt beans. However, this has become the norm in certain coffee shops and retailers around the world.


Scorching is another defect. This too happens from the coffee beans getting too much heat or an unbalanced amount of heat.

Coffee defects happen. Of course these defects are disappointing.and can even ruin a great cup of coffee. Knowing these defects that have been listed will hopefully allow you to be able to recognize the taste and causes of coffee defects.

Avoid defects in coffee tastes by purchasing high quality coffee, learning to brew properly at home and not buying coffee that has been sitting in storage for awhile.

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