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Small efforts can be made on a daily basis to help the environment.

We have to take care of the world we live in. Landfills are increasingly becoming filled with our trash. Unfortunately, this trash can pollute our water sources, land and habitats.

Since this world belongs to all of us, we all have the responsibility of doing our part. It may be surprising to know that your simple morning routine of making or drinking coffee can impact the environment in a negative way.

There are several ways where morning's most famous beverage can become a small, single way to leave an eco-friendly impact on the world around us.

Avoid Single Serve K Cups

Single serve and K-cups have become popular due to their convenience.

However, this simple way of serving and consuming coffee has led to more pollution. This is not the most eco-friendly way.

One way you can help the environment with your coffee habit is to avoid single serve cups and pods. Millions of these pods are produced annually by coffee company giants. These pods do not bring good to our world.

The way you can switch up from using these is by brewing coffee and ditching these costly pods.

Get a Reusable Filter

Another way to turn your coffee beverage into a friendly way to benefit the environment is by using a reusable filter.

A reusable stainless steel filter is a better alternative than using paper filters. Choose one of these filters instead of a paper filter that can lead to ending up in a landfill.

Paper filters are common in the coffee world but they are not good for our environment. A metal filter is a better eco-friendly option. Metal filters also offer a stronger and richer coffee taste.

Try metal filters. Your taste buds will surely be thankful.

Your Own Mug

Using a paper cup for your coffee is super easy and normal. But our third way of aiding the environment is using your own coffee mug.

Your own mug has several eco-friendly benefits. Sixty billion disposable paper cups are used in the USA on a yearly basis.

This alarming number definitely suggests we have to start looking at other alteratives for coffee. Mugs do not cause the environmental damage that paper cups cause.

Our world, landfills and water sources are not nearly as effected by using mugs.

Brew Manually

The fourth way on our list is to brew your coffee manually.

Believe it or not brewing coffee manually has many benefits.

These benefits include being more eco-friendly than auto drip coffee makers. If you research auto drip coffee makers you will see that many of these are made out of inexpensive materials.

Often times the material auto drop coffee makers are made out of is plastic. The manufacturing of auto drip coffee makers pumps more plastic into our environment. Manual coffee makers are made from better materials. These coffee makers actually last longer than auto drip coffee makers.

Make sure to use a metal filter when manually brewing to truly be making an eco-friendly impact on the world.

Buy From the Right People

Lastly our fifth way to ensure that you are making eco-friendly choices with coffee is to be mindful of how other coffee roasters care about the environment.

Many coffee roasters care about their environmental footprint. However, some roasters overlook their environmental impact. Being mindful of who you buy coffee from is key to making sure you are making the right choice in selecting a coffee roaster that is aware of their impact on the world around us.

Support companies that reuse and recycle. Rainforest Alliance Certified and Rainforest And Bird Friendly Certified companies are good indicators that show a company is making a positive impact on the environment.

Aim to buy from roasters that have these certifications and are responsible with the way they brew their coffee.

This planet belongs to us all. Taking care of our planet is our duty.

We must take care of our home. These easy ways can be implemented in your coffee making routine. Your mornings can be filled with positive ways to make and consume coffee that are eco-friendly.

We can shop and support eco-friendly coffee roasters. If we all would adopt these easy ways, our world will be changed.

Change starts with small, simple steps like the ones listed.

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