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Have you ever wondered why your coffee never tastes as good as the coffee shop's coffee?

The water you use to brew your coffee is extremely important to the flavor.

There is no way to make great-tasting coffee with bad water. It doesn't matter what you add to it, the end result will still be a dull or muddy tasting coffee. It doesn't matter if it is specialty coffee beans that you just ground or a preground cup of coffee from a can.

There is no upgrading bad tasting coffee made from bad water.

How do you know what is the best water is to use for brewing coffee?

Not all water is the same.

Do not expect water to be the same in a variety of areas just because they are close in distance. Your water could be extremely high in minerals or alkalinity. Either one of these could really dull the flavor of your coffee. How will you know if your water is high in either of these?

We will discuss that below.

What is the best water for you to use?

Fresh water that has recently come from a tap is the best water to use.

It must be odor-free, chlorine-free, decent levels of minerals, and decent levels of alkalinity. You do not want to use any water that has been sitting for twelve hours or more.

Once the water has been sitting for this long period the carbon dioxide will start changing the flavor of your coffee.

How do you check the levels of your water?

Every city in America has to report the quality of the water for the public to look at when needed.

You can find most of these reports online, so you do not even have to leave the comfort of your own home.

All you have to do is follow a few simple steps. Jump on Google, and search for " city and state" and "water report". Once the results pop up, you can search for the most recent one to compare. Write down the important information that you find from your local water source.

Once you have collected your information, you can compare it with the target range to see where your water fits in. If your water is within the target range, you do not have to worry about bad water tanking your coffee flavor.

If your water does not add up to the target range, then you may need to do something about this if you want to improve your coffee taste.

How can you improve your water?

One way to fix your hard water problems is to use a filtering system to soften the water. A water softener is a great way to improve the taste of hard water. It can be a pain to remember to change the filters on time.

If your filters are not working properly, you will be drinking dull and muddy tasting coffee again. There is also the pitcher style water filters that will keep your water fresh for consumption.

Another way to fix the issue with your water is to not use it. The target water levels for the SCAA is extremely close to spring water. If you have to purchase water for your coffee, then spring water would be the best choice. There are many different sizes of spring water to choose from that will fit your needs perfectly.

Did you know that coffee is ninety-nine percent water?

It would make complete sense that having bad water would give your coffee a dull flavor. If you are interested in improving your taste in coffee, you should definitely check into your water levels.

Your water won't matter much if you do not have high-quality coffee beans. To have the best-tasting coffee, you should use coffee beans that you grind yourself right before drinking.

You will completely transform your coffee experience. Coffee beans are at their best within two weeks of roasting.

You should always check the "roasted on" date before buying.

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