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Spending too much time with a bag of ground coffee, buying pre-ground coffee, or brewing it for too long will have some unfortunate consequences.

You lose all its freshness resulting in an unsatisfying experience. Why should you buy whole bean coffee only for it to go stale, makes no sense, right?

What you want is rich and flavorful coffee at all times, something you will not find in pre-ground coffee. We will tell you why.

You Need the Organics and Oil

The quality of the oils determines the aroma and flavor.

Coffee is a dry good and does not have moisture, which could result in mold growth. The fresher the coffee, the more vivid and memorable it is.

Over time, however, the components may start to break down or decay, leaving you with the bitter and ashy tannin.

During the roasting process, the natural oils will come to the surface of the beans.

When they interact with the open-air, they will rapidly evaporate. Within two weeks of roasting the beans, the natural oils will noticeably decline. You want to maintain their natural oils inside the beans for as long as possible. You will know that their beans still contain the natural oils due to the brighter lighter flavor.

You also have a fuller aroma and a tingling sensation every time you swallow the coffee.

Given the brewing process, water breaks down some of the components out of the coffee cells. Some will dissolve, while others will not; all in all, they contribute to the flavor in your cup.

Chemical changes and breakdown of compounds will occur, just like in any other organic substances.

You can expect oxidation resulting in natural decay. It will then attack the flavors you love so much, giving you great disappointment every time. Within two to four weeks post-roast, you will truly feel the impact.

When you buy your whole bean coffee, use it as soon as possible to avoid the oxidation and breakdown of compounds.

Understanding Decay in Ground Coffee

Ground coffee will decay faster due to certain reasons including:-

  • The small size making them susceptible to the impact of oxygen
  • The larger surface area with more openings that allows oxygen in
  • Quick evaporation of the aromatic oils which are near the surface
  • The finer the grinding, the faster the decay or staleness.

When you open a coffee bag, within less than an hour, oxygen will start having an adverse reaction. You will know this by the declining flavor after each successive brew.

Can Special Packaging Help?

Many packaging companies are now offering better preservation and longer shelf life.

Coffee roasters are also adopting the use of one-way valves. There is a lot of pressure that builds up within the packaging. Over time it may explode, and that is what the one-way valve helps prevent. It also has the double role of helping preserve freshness by keeping the oxygen out.

However, even with the measures above, the natural breakdown will still occur to the beans' organic structure. The release of the carbon dioxide will expose the natural oils to the surface, thereby, resulting in evaporation of the same.

When you buy your ground coffee, ensure it did not sit too long after roasting.

Purchasing the coffee shortly after roasting will give you a longer period of freshness. A couple of days post-roast should be fine for that full flavor and aroma. If weeks have gone by, you are better off not buying the coffee at all. If you prefer to buy many bags at once, only open a new one once you finish the current one.

You are better off buying whole beans coffee if you want to ensure you get that peak freshness.

Why You Need a Coffee Grinder

The use of a coffee grinder allows you to only use the amount of coffee beans you need at a particular time.

Grind your beans just before you consume them, for a whole lot more flavor and aroma. Even if the beans are not at the peak, you can still get a mind-blowing experience from your cup of coffee.

Balance, richness, slide-down-your-throat pleasure, and extra satisfaction will be yours every time.

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