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How do you store your coffee beans?

Do you place your coffee beans in a ziplock baggie or a storage container?

Life is so busy it is easy to forget that coffee is a real agricultural item that was grown on a farm.

If you do not properly store your coffee beans, they will lose freshness much quicker than normal. Properly stored coffee beans lose their freshness within two weeks after the roasting date.

No one wants to drink dull or flavorless coffee. If you want to have the best tasting coffee possible, you should keep your coffee beans away from the sunlight, heat, and air.

You will instantly taste the difference once you make these simple changes.

Do not store your coffee beans in the sun

It is important that your coffee beans do not sit in the direct sunlight.

The sunlight will cause the coffee to go through photodegradation, which is where the sun breaks down your coffee's elements. This is what makes your coffee lose its freshness so quickly.

There are plenty of safe storage options for your coffee beans that are away from the sunlight and ultraviolet lights. Opaque containers work great to keep the light out.

Do not use a clear container or bowl.

Do not store your coffee beans in the heat

Prolonging the freshness of your coffee is vital for the aromas and flavors to still wake you up with warm and happy feelings.

Storing your coffee beans by the stove or refrigerator will cause the beans to get too hot which will start to decrease the freshness. You could buy a new bag of coffee, and drain the greatness out of it in three days depending on how much you cook.

It is safer to find an area away from the added heat from the oven, stove, toaster, coffee pot, and refrigerator. A cabinet away from the heat would be great to keep your beans fresh.

If you have one close to the air, that would be even better.

Should the coffee beans go in the refrigerator or freezer?

Coffee beans do not need to go into the fridge or freezer.

There are other options that you could use to make sure that your coffee stays fresh and full of rich flavors.

You could split the bag of coffee beans into small bags that will make enough for one or two days at a time. The small bags must be air-tight. Remove the bags from the fridge or freezer as you need them.

Make sure that you give the small bag of beans time for thawing before you grind.

Be sure to store in an airtight container

Oxygen is the number one coffee killer.

If you leave your coffee in an open bowl or a container that doesn't close properly, you will be sacrificing your money for no reason. The coffee will become stale and dull tasting.

There is no possible way to prevent oxygen from hitting your coffee beans. The smaller the bag that you open the better for the flavor and freshness. If you love the aromas with floral, fruity, or nutty aromas, then you should try to keep your coffee beans as fresh as possible.

There are vacuum-packing machines that will allow you to keep your coffee beans sealed up completely. Spending a few extra dollars one time will be worth all of the great coffee experiences you get to have over the years. You could also purchase smaller amounts from a local roaster.

If you have that adoption you will always have the freshest coffee possible.

Following these tips will improve your coffee experience instantly.

You will be able to enjoy those rich and bold flavors with every cup of coffee you brew. Bring back the fresh aromas you love so much when grinding by storing your coffee beans the right way.

The aromas are the first element that bursts into your nose like a warm hug. If you want to preserve the zing in your flavor, you will need to preserve the freshness of your roasted coffee beans.

Protect your beloved coffee beans by finding a way that fits your needs, preferences, and ability. Everyone stores and purchases their coffee in different ways. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

There are only rich and bold flavors or dull and muddle flavors.

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