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[USER GUIDES] How to make the perfect cup of coffee by changing the grind size

Did you know the coffee grinder is one of the most important kitchen utensils that you can own?

You have to have that brown liquid gold every single morning to function properly.

When you own a coffee grinder, you can purchase whole coffee beans instead of what you would normally buy. You are able to have a higher quality and taste of the coffee that you love.

You will be in complete control of the coffee ground size. This will ensure that you can match the grind size with the brewer to give you maximized results.

Once you learn how to master the coffee grinder size, you will feel more confident in your whole day.

A great-tasting cup of coffee that you made from scratch is an incredibly powerful feeling. To know that you can control the flavor by the grinder is amazing and positively rewarding.

Most people do not know how the process works. This article will give you all the information you need to transform that boring already ground coffee into a rich, bold, and revitalizing cup of coffee.

How do coffee grounds work?

Whole coffee beans are ground in a coffee grinder into fine, medium, or coarse coffee grounds.

These grounds are then used with extremely hot water to extract all of the yummy flavors. The smaller the ground size the faster the water can extract the acids, oils, and bitter notes that balance the coffee flavors.

Here are some real experience examples.

  • When you are using a french press coffee machine, it will usually take around four minutes to fully extract the yummy tasting coffee from the coarse or large grounds.
  • When you are using a pour-over coffee machine, it usually takes two or three minutes to extract the amazing flavors from the medium-sized coffee grounds.
  • When you are using an espresso machine, it takes around twenty-five to thirty-five seconds to provide you with the best flavors that could come out of the extremely fine coffee grounds.

It is extremely important to remember that the smaller the coffee ground size is, will mean the less time it will take for the water to pull the greatness out of the grounds.

Boosting your coffee's flavor by adjusting the grind size

To understand a little better about the flavor quality of coffee, you must know what is extracted out of the grounds to make the flavor come alive.

  • The various acids are the first elements to be extracted from the grounds. They can give your coffee an extremely sour or salty flavor.
  • The various oils and sugars are next to be extracted from the coffee grounds. These elements are what give bold and rich flavors to the acids.
  • The bitter notes are the last elements to be extracted from the grounds. You want to have some of these elements to give your coffee a rounded out flavor to match the acids. You want to be careful not to extract too many bitter notes.

Example of real world experience with a french press coffee brewer

The common recipe for a french press machine would be to have the grind setting to 15, add 20g of coffee beans, then use 300g of water to extract the elements correctly.

The whole process takes about four minutes to complete.

If you happen to think your coffee tastes bitter or dull, then you have over-extracted the coffee grounds. You will need to adjust the settings lower to improve the taste of your coffee.

Try changing the setting two notches to 17, instead of 15. That will make the grounds more coarse.

Do not make any additional changes to the machine, and your coffee will be rich, bold, and revitalizing on every occasion.

What exactly happened?

  • The first batch of coffee was over-extracted, which is why it was dull and bitter tasting.
  • You made a slight adjustment to the grind size to balance out the extraction process.
  • Your result was a captivating cup of coffee that is rich and balanced with flavor.

Example of real world experience with a pour-over coffee brewer

You make the recipe with the grind setting at 12, add 20g of coffee beans, then use 300g of water in a pour-over cone. You will bloom the grounds for 30 seconds.

The pouring process will take you from 1:30 to 1:50 to complete.

When you taste your coffee, you realize it is sour and is under-extracted. This means that you will need to make some adjustments to make a better-tasting cup of coffee.

You will need to decrease the grind size two notches to 10, instead of 12. This will make the grounds finer for a faster extraction process.

You will still bloom for 30 seconds, then pour to 1:30, and the draining process will take a little longer to 2:20.

Now, your coffee is better balanced and full of great flavor.

Two things happen when you change the grind size for pour-over coffee.

  1. The finer grounds will take less time extracting.
  2. The finer grounds will extend the draining time.

What happened?

  • The first batch of coffee was under-extracted and tasted sour.
  • You decreased the grind size to make finer coffee grounds.
  • The second batch was better-tasting due to the longer draining process.

Using a coffee grinder is just like putting a puzzle together. You will have to test different variables until you find what fits best.

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