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A coffee grinder isn't the most expensive thing you will ever buy.

If you have an extra 50 bucks lying around or burning a hole in your pocket, you can transform your everyday coffee into a whole new experience.

Are you curious yet?

It's a high-quality coffee grinder.

Most people think that the brewer should be high-tech. The brewer is not the most important piece of coffee equipment.

The coffee grinder is the tool that makes the magic happen. The grinder will bring out the rich and bold flavors that can taste better than the coffee shop you frequent. So it's important to remember this truth: a solid coffee grinder is the key tool to coffee success.

The best tasting coffee you can have is freshly ground

No one wants to drink stale coffee. If you have ever purchased pre-ground coffee from a grocery store or coffee shop, then you are drinking stale coffee.

The carbon dioxide is extracted from the beans when they are turned into grounds, leaving you with oxidation. Oxidation is when oxygen hits the item and begins to turn it bad.

This happens with many different types of items, such as bread, bananas, apples, chips, and more.

What does oxidation do to your coffee grounds? It means that your pre-ground coffee has been losing its rich flavors since it was manufactured into the packaging.

When you open the package, it becomes instantly stale. Your coffee will not have any floral, fruity, chocolate, or nutty flavors at all. It will be dull or bitter for the most part. This is why most people have to doctor it up with so many additives.

Why would anyone want to do that?

When you drink freshly ground coffee, you will taste rich flavors that will transform your coffee experience completely. Buying high-quality bags of coffee will not only boost the flavors, but it will also help fight malnutrition and lack of education in coffee communities all over the world.

You will enjoy your coffee experience such more knowing you are helping the children of the world.

You can use any type of coffee brewer with freshly ground coffee

When you use freshly ground coffee, you will be able to use any type of brewer you would like.

Pre-ground coffee has to be used in a standard one-type coffee brewer. You place the grounds into a filter or straight into the basket.

Then, the machine extracts the dull and bitter coffee. It drains into the coffee pot and is ready for your consumption. If you have or want to have an upgraded coffee brewer, you can use any one of them to brew you an excellent cup of coffee.

Here are a few types of coffee brewers and the size of the grounds they require

  • Turkish & Espresso - Super Fine grounds
  • Moka Pot & Auto-Drip - Fine grounds (Auto-Drip is for pre-ground coffee)
  • Aeropress - Fine to Medium grounds
  • Pour-Over - Fine to Coarse grounds
  • French Press & Cold-Brew - Coarse grounds

How to control the flavors of your coffee with your grinder

You can control the flavors of the coffee with a burr coffee grinder. You will be able to change the grind settings to make different types of coffee.

If you want multiple types of coffee drinks throughout the day, that is possible with your burr coffee grinder. If you make some coffee and it comes out bitter, the coffee grounds have been over-extracted.

You will need to change the grind setting to a more coarse level. It will decrease the extraction process just enough to make your coffee balanced, rich, and full of great flavors.

If your cup of coffee is sour tasting, then it hasn't been extracted enough. You will have to change the grind setting to a lower level to make the grounds finer.

Do not use a Blade Grinder over a Burr Grinder

Blade grinders are too easy to find. Be mindful of that fact when looking for a coffee grinder. You do not want to buy one that is too cheap.

A Blade Grinder will not produce maximized results with your coffee grounds. It will produce chopped up pieces of coffee beans. That is not what you need to make great-tasting coffee.

Your coffee grounds should be consistent in size when they are being used to brew high-quality coffee that is rich in flavors. If you want to have coffee shop quality coffee in your own home, you will purchase a burr coffee grinder.

Here are some tips to help you find the right grinder for you

Manual vs Electric

When you first start grinding coffee, it is common to start with a small manual coffee grinder.

There are plenty of great manual coffee grinders that will fit into any budget. They can be found for around 20 to 30 dollars. That is easy to squeeze into your budget for excellent coffee.

It may seem like too much work at first. Once you begin to experience the aromas flowing into your nostrils, you will not mind the amount of work. Using a manual grinder will give you an incredible experience from the time of grinding to being able to drink the coffee.

Here are some of the outcomes you will have when you use a manual grinder.

  1. Your muscles will become stronger with the manual labor that goes into the grinding.
  2. You will wake up with a new focus in the morning when you experience the aromas that arise from grinding your coffee.
  3. Your manual grinder is pretty durable, very lightweight, and easy to pack away for traveling.

Electric grinders are not as good as manual grinders. They are much more expensive, though.

You could purchase a 100 dollar electric grinder, and it will not produce the same quality as a 20 dollar manual grinder. They are made with cheap plastic materials that do not hold up well with a lot of use.

The burrs are not aligned correctly and will not produce consistent grounds. If you are looking forward to having a great stating coffee to drink, you have to use consistent coffee grounds.

Steel VS Ceramic Burrs

It seems the grinder-making industry has found its way in ceramic burrs, but you’re still likely to find a few steel burrs out there. Here are a few things you should consider.

  • Steel burrs are not as hard as ceramic burrs. This means that they dull more quickly.
  • Dull burrs create more heat, which can alter the flavors and aromas in coffee. This means that steel burrs are more likely to damage your coffee before you even brew it.
  • Ceramic burrs are cheaper to produce and often make for an inexpensive coffee grinder.

How much should you spend on a Burr coffee grinder?

There are coffee grinders that will fit into any budget. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on a coffee grinder.

You can get excellent quality grounds by purchasing a cheap manual burr grinder. Here are two examples of the different grinder price ranges.

30 dollar budget

You will be able to purchase a great coffee grinder with this budget. It will be a manual grinder, but it will last you for a long time. You can pack it up and take it anywhere you want to have great tasting coffee.

100 dollar budget

Do not waste your money on grinders at this price range. They are not going to give you the quality in which you deserve. If you have the extra money you could add another 30-40 dollars and buy a Baratza Encore coffee grinder.

There is nothing wrong with having a manual grinder. If you want great quality grounds, you will have one on hand at all times. You will gain confidence from having an excellent tasting coffee that you made yourself.

You can control the flavors with the grind size. You will be so proud of your new coffee experience that you will want to invite people over to experience it with you.

Change the way you think and experience coffee by purchasing a burr grinder to grind before your brew. You can not go wrong with fresh and flavorful coffee.

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