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[USER GUIDES] Tips on changing the KONA manual coffee grinder settings

Do you own a KONA manual coffee grinder?

If you do not own one already, you will want to by the end of this article. The grinder will enhance the flavor of your coffee beyond measure.

If you do already have your own coffee grinder, then you are already finding out how much better coffee tastes when you control the ground size.

This article will explain in detail how to change the settings on your KONA manual coffee grinder. This knowledge will give you an empowering and conquering feeling over your coffee. Using this control will make each day better with the great tasting coffee you will have.

Here are a few ways you will benefit from using a manual coffee grinder.

  1. You will be able to use any coffee brewer to make the perfect coffee drink. The different coffee brewers require different coffee ground sizes for the best results. You will never have issues with the size of your grounds again.
  2. You will be able to switch the settings on the grinder easily and quickly with your manual grinder. If you decide to use a couple of different brewers right after each other, there will be no confusion with the grinder settings.
  3. You will be able to control the flavor of your coffee by dialing into the ground size. Having your coffee properly extracted will depend upon the ground size.

How do the burrs and grind settings coincide?

If you take off the grind catcher from your manual grinder, you will see the burrs that bring the grounds to life.

There are two parts to the burr system. There are an outer stationary burr and an inner conical burr that coincides to make the burr system.

The outer burr does not move, which is why it is known as the stationary burr. It is built into the grinder case.

The inner burr will move by the adjustment knob. You can control the size of the grounds by moving the inner burr closer or farther from the stationary burr.

  • The closer the two burrs are to each other will make the grounds fine.
  • The further away the two burrs are from each other will make the grounds coarse or large.

How do you change the burr settings?

The rod in the middle of the coffee grinder is what actually adjusts the inner burr closer or farther from the stationary burr.

  • Turning the adjustment knob clockwise will make the grind size smaller.
  • Turning the adjustment knob counterclockwise will make the grind size large or coarse.

Is your grinder not working as good as it used to?

If you have been using your grinder for a while, and it isn't working to the best of its abilities, it may be time for a good cleaning.

The burrs will not be able to provide you with maximized results if they are dirty with coffee grounds. You will notice the clicks aren't as loud or as smooth as they once were when adjusting the grind size.

Cleaning your manual grinder will remove the oils and the grounds from clogging up production. The grounds will get in the burrs, and make the adjustment clicks not complete all the way.

Common grind settings

When you are first beginning to use your grinder it is important to adjust the burrs to the smallest size. This means you will turn it until you get the resistance. It will be easier to calculate your clicks this way.

Here are some grind size settings that are commonly used for a variety of brewing.

  • 1  to  3  clicks - Fine: Espresso,Turkish
  • 4  to  6 clicks - Medium Fine: Pour-over brewer, Moka Pot, Aeropress
  • 7  to  9 clicks - Medium: Pour-over brewer, Aeropress
  • 10 to12 clicks - Medium Coarse: Drip Coffee Maker, Vacuum Pot, Chemex
  • 13 to18 clicks - Coarse: Percolator, French Press, Coffee Cupping, Cold Brew

Everyone has their own preference of how coffee should taste. These may be commonly used recipes for grind size but, they may not be exactly to your taste.

You can adjust the setting to your preference to make the perfect coffee drink just for you.

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