Our Vision

Do you believe consistent, contagious happiness can be a reality...right here, right now?

We do!

In fact, that is Our Vision - to create a world with individuals whose spirit is filled with intentional joy, fulfillment, gratitude and daily happiness inside and outside the kitchen regardless of the skill level, gender, ethnicity or age.

They are the essence of our brand and inspire everything we do.

This is our passion because once it becomes a reality for you, it can be passed on to others around you creating a ripple effect of happiness that can reach throughout your community and then to the world.

So, what does coffee have to do with all of this?

For many of us, our daily cup o' joe is what kick starts our morning. It gets us going and sets the stage for the rest of the day. As an essential part of your routine, we believe your daily coffee should be the best it can possibly be. This includes not only the coffee itself, but the entire experience as well.

For us, Our Mission looks like this:

~High Quality Products - There's absolutely no reason to settle when it comes to your daily cup of coffee. By continuing to produce high quality products, we enable you to transform your morning routine into an extraordinary experience every time.

~CoffeePedia - Creating a place that is your go-to source for all things coffee, from the choice of beans to the final cup in your hands, you will find rich, relevant content to give you knowledge along with great taste. We want to make your love of coffee even more fun and interesting by providing an educational platform to enrich your experience.

~Ethics and Responsibility - We believe in and practice fair trade, all-natural, ethically sourced coffee made by the best roasters and manufacturers. In this way, your coffee not only benefits you, but all those who have a part in bringing it to you.

A great day begins with coffee, but it doesn't end there.

Neither do we!

We believe in continuing the positive momentum through resources and policies that will help to extend joy throughout your whole day.

These include: The Idylc Homes KONA Movement - a community effort designed to help you make the most of and be present in each moment of your life, a Positive Brand Experience - ensuring every aspect of our service and product makes you feel cared for and appreciated, and the use of Social Media to help you stay connected, uplifted and positive throughout your day.

And, finally, the best kind of happiness is one that is given to others. We strongly believe in "paying it forward" when it comes to joy and positivity and want to give our customers a chance to do so as well.

When you make a purchase from us, a donation is made to the Make-a-Wish foundation, which grants wishes to children who have life-threatening medical conditions, allowing them to fulfill a dream and create once-in-a-lifetime memories with their families. We believe all children should have the chance to be happy, regardless of their situation in life. Granting them a special wish not only brings tremendous joy and happiness to their lives, but also creates a ripple effect of positivity through their families, friends and communities.

All of this is made possible because of you. When you purchase our products, you allow us to do what we do. We sincerely appreciate you and want to infuse your life with as much joy and positivity as possible. Our desire is that it would then spread to those around you and create an ever-widening sphere of happiness, making this world a little bit better place for all of us. And it all starts with one cup of coffee.
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