Why is fresh coffee better than the rest?

Why is fresh coffee better than the rest?

Everyone wants to know how to make the best coffee the easiest way.

Our lives are busy enough without having to waste a lot of time making dull and bitter-tasting coffee.

This article will explain how to effortlessly make the best coffee ever, why the coffee goes stale so quickly, and how fresh coffee has beautiful and exotic flavors that are unbeatable. The main ingredient is knowledge.

Fresh coffee has unbeatable flavors

Have you ever had coffee that tasted exotic compared to the standard ground coffee you can purchase in the grocery store?

This exotic tasting coffee can come in a variety of flavors such as jasmine, orange, blueberry, and more. It is not actually flavors that you are tasting, though. In reality, they are the aromas that are extracted from the coffee's oils. Once they go into your nose, your brain is making you think they are great flavors.

Freshness is the key to having these rich aromas. Your coffee beans will lose their organic compounds within one to two weeks after being roasted.

It is important to buy fresh coffee if you want to experience the rich flavors that your coffee has to offer.

You will not get to experience these unbelievably rich flavors if you do not purchase fresh coffee that you will grind right before brewing.

What are some of the flavors you could experience with your fresh coffee?

  • Rose, Jasmine, and other floral notes.

  • Orange, mango, blackberry, and many other fruity notes.

  • Honey, caramelized sugar, and other sweet flavors.

    ► How does coffee go stale so quickly?

    When green coffee beans are roasted, there is a lot going on at once. There are tons of chemical reactions taking place to change the bean completely.

    This roasting process is what gives your coffee beans an extreme boost of flavor by caramelizing the sugar components and unlocking those rich aromas we think are flavors.

    The Carbon Dioxide that is trapped inside the coffee bean begins to quickly release after the roasting process.

    Once the gas escapes through the beans, it pushes out the natural oils from the inside of the bean. This will leave you with one of two outcomes.

    1. The aromatic elements will disappear quickly leaving you with a dull or muddy flavored coffee.
    2. Carbon Dioxide will disappear quickly and cause the coffee beans to decay at a rapid rate.

    A well-packaged bag of coffee will hold the Carbon Dioxide inside the bag until it is opened. Once the packaging is opened, the oxidation process will begin.

    A typical batch of coffee will lose its peak freshness in around two weeks or so. It is much quicker for pre-ground coffee, like almost instantly.

    The oxidation process will kill everything including coffee.

    When oxygen meets an item it starts the oxidation process. Are you wondering what happens when oxidation takes place?

    Here is the simple version of what oxidation will do to the things we love dearly. Oxidation is what decays or kills the things we love so much.

    This is why get your bananas pop up with brown spots and mushy, your opened cereal doesn't taste as crip, and your bread begins to harden.

    If you are buying pre-ground coffee, imagine how fast the oxygen is able to start oxidation. The carbon dioxide will leave rapidly with fine ground coffee making it easier for oxidation to take place.

    This is why it is important to buy a burr grinder. If you want to make your boring coffee transform into a unbelievable experience, you must grind your coffee before brewing.

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