The coffee we love and the calories we hate

The coffee we love and the calories we hate

There are three types of people in this world.

There are the 'dedicated calorie counters", 'the I try to not eat anything too crazy", and the "I don't care about calories" type of people.

Which one are you? Have you thought about what your daily coffee habit is adding to your calories?

Don't worry too much. Black coffee or coffee with no additives such as sugar, milk, or creamer is actually very deficient in calories.

There are only around 2 calories per 8oz cup of black coffee. That is incredibly good for a drink that is healthy and provides a decent boost of energy to the drinker.

There are plenty of coffee drinks that are extremely unhealthy and should only be enjoyed on occasion.

This article will dive into the calorie counting of coffee additives and different coffee drinks.

Calories in Coffees

Fantastic news for anyone who loves to drink black coffee. There are practically no calories to add. You could drink coffee all day ain't not have to worry about your diet. Just do not add anything to it. That is where it begins to be tricky.

  • Expresso 1oz = 3 calories
  • Americano = 5 calories
  • Cold Brew Coffee = 3 calories

Coffee additive calories

This is where many people get into trouble with their health. When you add milk, sugar, and other additives, you are adding tons of calories into this drink that used to be healthy before your additives. It is best to try different roasts to find a coffee that you like to drink black.

Here is a list of 1 Tablespoon increments.

  • Milk = 8 calories
  • Sugar = 49 calories
  • Half & Half = 20 calories
  • Heavy Cream = 52 calories
  • Creamer = 30+ calories

Calories In Your Favorite Coffee Drinks

Are you worried about the calories in your favorite coffee drinks? Well, to be honest, you probably have every right to be worried.

It is very likely if they are sweet, that they have a very high number of calories attached to them. You can still enjoy it in moderation. It is just better to find healthier options to drink more often.

  • Cappuccino - 8oz = 80 calories
  • Latte - 16oz = 190 calories
  • Flat White - 12oz = 170 calories
  • Carmel Machiatto - 16oz = 250 calories
  • White Chocolate Mocha - 16oz = 430 calories

    We do not always think about the calories involved when it comes to our favorite coffee drinks. Anytime you choose to add flavored syrup, sugar, sweeteners, half 7 half, heavy cream, milk, whip cream, and more calories will continue to increase tremendously.

    If you must have all of the additives, it is important to only enjoy that specific drink on special occasions.

    How many calories do I consume each day?

    You have to consume calories for your body to thrive. Calories are turned into energy.

    Just because calories are fuel for your body doesn't mean that you do not have to work to help them become energy. It is important to burn as many calories as you eat to keep your body in balance.

    If you are consuming 5,000 calories a day and only burning 1,000, then you will be gaining weight very quickly.

    The USDA suggests that an adult woman should consume a diet of 2,000 calories and a man should consume 2,500 calories in a single day.

    How do your coffee drinks add to your calorie count of the day? Are you over the suggested rate or under? Do you need to make adjustments to your coffee pleasures?

    It can seem pretty hard to justify a white chocolate mocha on a regular basis once you see those calories.

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