Did You Know You Can Measure Coffee Without A Scale

Did You Know You Can Measure Coffee Without A Scale

For coffee artisans, they love their coffee scales.

Coffee scales offer many benefits. They guarantee precise measurements.

Measurements are a must when aiming to make the perfect cup of coffee. Although scales have several benefits, not all people have scales at home. You can still make a great cup of coffee without having scales.

There is a way you can measure coffee without a scale. Having a few simple tools makes home brewing possible. You can accurately measure your coffee at home with a tablespoon and measuring cup.

Using these simple tools will still allow for a wonderful brew of coffee.


One gram of coffee to fifteen to eighteen grams of water is the ratio most commonly followed when brewing coffee.

This ratio tends to create the best tasting coffee although there are other ratios coffee artisans follow sometimes. This ratio produces a coffee taste that is balanced and refreshing.

Be mindful of this ratio when you are brewing coffee at home. Too much water causes the coffee to be watered down, weak and bitter in taste. Not enough water and too much coffee turns the taste into a sour taste.

The golden ration of one gram of coffee and fifteen to eighteen grams of water keeps everything balanced and tasting good.


A scale offers accuracy and convenience.

Using a measuring cup and tablespoon requires a person to do a bit more work.

With your tablespoon, you will be able to hold about five grams of coffee. Have one gram of liquid water in your measuring cup.

This is a simple way to measure your coffee without a scale. But this is not the only method known to home brewers. You can also use a simple coffee mug to perfect the golden ratio.

If you happen to drink a lot of coffee, you can measure three eight ounces of coffee for your coffee mug. You can use the one to seventeen ratio. Divide the total water weight by seventeen.

Your total water weight for three eight ounces of coffee with be 680 ml. Then divide the total by five to see how many coffee beans you need.

A calculator is helpful to have when measuring like this.


Although there are ways to measure coffee, sometimes these ways of measuring lack precision.

These ways can have their limitations. Assuming a tablespoon of coffee is five grams is not necessarily the most precise.

Sometimes when using a tablespoon when measuring you won't always get the same exact amount. You may be getting five grams of coffee originally.

Then a few days later you may over measure or under measure. Getting more or less than five grams will definitely influence the taste of the coffee. If you accidentally over or under measure, your taste buds will let you know.

This is one of the limitations to using a tablespoon when measuring.

How The Limitations Affect You

Another limitation is the size of the coffee bean.

Not all beans are the same size. So you may thinking you have the same five grams in your tablespoon but you may have more or less than five grams depending on the size of the coffee bean.

It is always best to measure different coffee beans differently. You have to be mindful of the density of these beans.

The location of where the bean comes from is a factor in its size and density.

These limitations can cause you to use more coffee than needed. Using too much coffee changes the ratio.

Once the ratio is changed sour notes can be tasted. This sourness comes from too much coffee added. To avoid adding too much coffee and changing the overall taste and quality of your beverage consider using a more accurate form of measurement like a scale.

There are many benefits to using a coffee scale.

If you want to fully experience the taste of a well crafted coffee beverage, it is best to invest in a scale. Using a scale will provide the most precise measurements. You will not have to guess if you are using the right amount of beans and water.

Until then, just know there are some creative ways to measure your coffee with a tablespoon and liquid measuring cup.

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