Commonly Asked Questions About Caffeine And Drinking Coffee

Commonly Asked Questions About Caffeine And Drinking Coffee

There are plenty of people who have ordered a mug of coffee because they fear that espresso may have more caffeine in it than they want to consume.

However, if you have a large mug of black coffee, then this could actually contain more caffeine than an espresso.

This just shows that there are a lot of misconceptions that surround coffee and the caffeine that it contains. However, caffeine does not have to be something that is shrouded in mystery if we take a look at the science.

Five of the most commonly asked questions about coffee and caffeine are answered below.

Does Espresso Have More Caffeine Than Black Coffee?

This is not a simple question to answer because you can't compare both drinks by volume.

This is because black coffee is often served as 8oz, whereas a shot of Espresso is only between 1 and 2oz. If you want to compare the amount of caffeine in each drink, then you will need to do it by the serving.

The amount of caffeine will vary between the different brands of coffee, but on average there is about 100mg of caffeine in 8oz of coffee.

The same variation applies to Espresso as well, and this has on average 80mg of caffeine in a standard 2oz shot.

This means that ordering an Espresso in a coffee shop means you will be consuming less caffeine than in a mug of coffee. However, if you are concerned that drinking Espresso will have you bouncing off the walls, then there is a chance that this could still be the case.

Even though Espresso has less caffeine than a mug of coffee, you will be drinking it a lot faster because it is a smaller amount of liquid.

This means you will get an instant hit of caffeine and this is what produces the sudden hit of energy that Espresso is associated with.

When Is The Latest Time You Should Drink Coffee?

Your body produces a hormone called cortisol which gives you a natural boost that is similar to the one you experience when you drink caffeine.

These natural boosts occur at various times during the day and it is generally accepted that the last one of the day will occur at no later than 6:30pm. Most experts agree that you shouldn't really consume caffeine after this time as it is very likely that it will start to affect your sleep.

The body produces another hormone called melatonin which helps to regulate your circadian rhythm. It is this hormone which encourages your body into a deep sleep but production will be reduced by consumption of caffeine.

It is estimated that drinking a cup of coffee up to six hours before you go to bed can cost you an hour of quality sleep.

People tend not to be as good as they think they are at judging the quality of their sleep, and so a late night cup of coffee may affect you more than you think it would.

If you do not want to risk your sleep being disturbed by too much caffeine, then it is a good idea to have your last coffee no later than about 5pm.

Is There More Caffeine In Hot Coffee Than Cold Brew Coffee?

While it is fairly easy to work out how much caffeine there is in a mug of hot black coffee, the same cannot be said for cold brew coffee.

One of the main issues is that it can be made in so many different ways. Some people like it really strong, some have it very diluted and then there are others that like it somewhere in the middle.

There are many varieties of ready to drink cold brew coffees as well, and these also have widely differing amounts of caffeine. It does seem as though the majority of cold brew drinks have less caffeine than a hot alternative, but this will not be true in every case.

Overall, it is probably safer to assume that there are similar amounts of caffeine in both hot and cold coffees.

What Is The Effect Of Caffeine On My Health?

A lot of people assume that caffeine only has a negative effect on their health. It is true that some of the effects of caffeine can be damaging to a small degree if you consume it in high amounts.

It is possible to become addicted to caffeine as it is considered to be a drug-like substance. This may lead to you experiencing withdrawal symptoms if you go without coffee for too long.

Caffeine can also make some people feel jittery and on edge. These feelings will usually get worse if you drink a lot of coffee every day.

A small amount of people may also find that a lot of caffeine upsets their stomach and leads to them going to the bathroom more frequently.

However, not all side effects of consuming caffeine are bad. It can trigger the release of fatty acids into your bloodstream. These acids will be used first when you work out, meaning that you will be burning more fat and your workout will be more effective.

Caffeine can also help to keep you more mentally alert. You will have more energy and be more aware of the things that are happening around you.

You may also find that you memory improves.

Is The Caffeine In Coffee Different To The Caffeine In Tea?

Caffeine is also present in tea, but most people do not experience the same effects when drinking tea as they do with coffee.

This is mainly because the amount of caffeine in a cup of tea is less than you would find in a cup of coffee, but it is not the only reason.

Tea contains a compound called L-Theanine, which is not found in coffee. It helps to reduce anxiety and make you feel calmer and more relaxed. It will also cause the caffeine to be absorbed by your body at a much slower rate.

You will not get the boost of energy that you would get from a cup of coffee, but this also means that you won't experience a crash either.

The caffeine itself is no different in tea compared to coffee, but there is a difference in the way that is is processed by your body.

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